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About Panthera Estate Planning Ltd

Who better to introduce about Panthera Estate Planning that our founder, Paul Hammond! Paul is an experienced financial planner and retirement coach with a passion for helping people make the most of their money, and safeguard it for the future.

By the time you've got to this page, there's probably just one question in your mind - can Paul help me, in my situation, right now?

The simple answer is, yes. I have been in financial services for 30 years, offering financial advice to individuals, families and business owners, and helping them plan to become financially independent. I have just retired from the regulated role, but I know I can help you too!

Contact me about any aspect of your estate planning, including: 

  • Planning for your future
  • Protecting your assets for yourself and the next generations
  • Making provisions for care fees
  • Writing a will for the first time
  • Ensuring your will/s are up to date

Why choose Panthera Estate Planning?

I am a big believer in living life to the full and provide clients with the support and confidence to achieve this as well. Life is not a rehearsal, so we need to live our life well. As we all know, every life has an end date; we just don't know when it is.

The legacy you leave behind is just the wealth you have not had time to spend yet! If you have family or loved ones then, you will want to make sure they have a chance to continue their life, hassle free and comfortable. This is why it is so important to have your affairs in order. 

As a local, family man with 2 daughters in their mid 20's, I am well aware of the importance of making sure my family are ok. Since estate planning is an integral part of financial planning, I set up Panthera Estate Planning in 2015 to provide a complete service to people around Waterlooville.

Local estate planning and will writing near you

The Panthera team consists of myself (Paul),  and my wife, Hazel. We are based in Cowplain, near Portsmouth in Hampshire.

Hazel looks after all things admin and will usually be the first person you speak to when calling. Together, we make sure the process of estate planning or making a new Will is a smooth and hassle free as possible.

In person or online - you choose

We now have a brand new private home office where we can meet you in person to discuss any aspect of estate planning in complete privacy. Set amongst the greenery of our garden, it is a relaxing and confidential space that's much quieter than our previous main road shared office space!

We also offer a full 'remote’ service, including video meetings and document signing via post. You get the same excellent levels of service without the need to meet me in person, and you can live almost anywhere in the UK and still benefit from excellent estate planning advice!

We will also offer home visits and consultations by special arrangement in Cowplain, Waterlooville, Portsmouth and Eastern Hampshire, plus Chichester and close West Sussex locations.

Recommended by a friend

Most of my clients come to us via referrals from existing customers, friends and colleagues. Others have just walked in to see if Panthera Estate Planning could help them - and stayed as clients for years. Many are also clients of our sister company Panthera Wealth, as we’ve help them create a robust and realistic financial plan for retirement, business succession, long-term care and more. Ultimately it’s about leading the lifestyle you want well beyond your working years.

Call Us for a no-obligation chat through your circumstances and requirements.

During our initial discussion Panthera (Paul) fully explained the Will making process. We were made aware that our assets could be exposed to various risks such as Care Costs. Panthera (Paul) advised on how we could protect these assets by setting up Family Trusts. Having decided to go down this route Panthera (Paul) provided all the legal documentation in a timely manner despite having to work within the constraints of Covid-19 restrictions.

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