Why just writing a Will may not be enough

 17 June 2020
Why just writing a Will may not be enough

And how a Will Clarity statement can help

With the increased complexity of modern family structures, more people now have a sizeable estate to pass on. As a result, families and beneficiaries in your Will can feel there is something worth fighting for, particularly at a time when emotions are running high. 

As a direct result of this, the legal industry is seeing a growing number of people contesting wills. This includes those left out from a Will entirely, or receiving less than they expected as a deliberate act on the part of the deceased.

A Will Clarity statement lays out what you want to happen in sufficient detail that it’s made clear WHY people receive what they do. Combined with a Will Execution Statement, it’s an effective way to eliminate ambiguity and prevent family feuds over your estate.

At Panthera Estate Planning, we can ensure your Will is watertight and precise, so those you wish to inherit do so, and those you don’t understand why not. A Will Clarity statement is something that every Will writing company should be offering their clients when drafting a Will. So, we provide it for every  client.

Watch our Will Clarity Statement video to find out more.

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Having looked around and contacted several professional organisations who would prepare my somewhat complicate will, I chose Panthera on a recommendation and sincerely believe I could not have found a better organisation.

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