What happens when this happens ... is your Will ‘Divorce-Proof’?

 01 June 2020
What happens when this happens ... is your Will ‘Divorce-Proof’?

The harsh reality of modern life means that marriage isn’t always forever. Sadly in the UK 42% of marriages end in divorce.

Did you know?

  • You can write a Will in anticipation of your marriage
  • Marriage automatically revokes any previous Will you may have
  • When you divorce your Will remains valid

You may have already planned who your beneficiaries will be, thinking your children will eventually inherit your assets, but this might not actually go to plan...

Have you ever thought what will happen to your children’s inheritance if they were to divorce?

Picture this scenario: as a result of a divorce your child has to split half of your money with their ex-partner, so, that money you intended for your children and grandchildren will just go to someone else. Clearly NOT what you had in mind.

As much as you try you can’t spare your children from the pain of a divorce, but you CAN spare them the bitterness of losing part of their inheritance to an ex-spouse or partner.

Setting up a simple Trust alongside your Will, means that you can control where your money goes, even after you have gone.

So get in touch with us TODAY to make your Will ‘Divorce-Proof’


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Having looked around and contacted several professional organisations who would prepare my somewhat complicate will, I chose Panthera on a recommendation and sincerely believe I could not have found a better organisation.

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