Our top Panthera estate planning articles for 2023

 03 January 2024
Our top Panthera estate planning articles for 2023

We have literally closed the door on 2023 with the move to our new office almost complete. So it seems a good time to look back on the top articles we wrote in 2023. Grab a tea or coffee and enjoy!

Long-term care: why you might need to revise your cost estimates

After a year when the cost of living crisis really bit into people's finances, this article is just a pertinent now as it was this time last year. As the article intro says;

“The cost of home care and residential care home fees have risen dramatically. Act now to revise your estate planning to allow for this and future cost rises.”

To my dear wife, I leave my phone: bequeathing your tech

It's easy to lose track of just how much data we have stored on our devices. Samsung says, for example:

“For most casual smartphone users 64GB phone memory is enough, although many people prefer to choose between 128GB and 256GB.”

That is a lot of data. It is also just what has been potentially stored on your phone. There’s also data stored separately in the cloud or on your laptop hard disk, etc, PLUS all your posts, videos, chats, photos etc on your various social media accounts, online purchase history, banking apps, and much more.

Now, you might think all that data is "yours" and you can simply pass it on to the next generation. That's not the case. Our illuminating article on data ownership sheds light on who 'owns' what and the importance of setting up a legacy contact so your family can get access after your death.

Our survey says: Big data on the 50+ age group

We love a survey here at Panthera Estate Planning. In this article, we looked at the implications of data from the ONS, the Census 2021 and a survey from AgeUK on an aging population and life expectancy.

Photo ID: not just for elections

Like it or not, 2024 is going to be a year with extensive election coverage.

The last legal date the current government can call an election is Tuesday 28 January 2025. There are various opportunities for elections during the whole of 2024, but as the BBC's Chris Mason comments:

“Once we are into January (2024) all the parties will think, behave and prepare as though the election will be in the spring, until it legally can't be. Ditto the summer, ditto the autumn, and yes, ditto the winter.”

So why are we mentioning this? You cannot vote in person without photo ID. And for senior retirees who may no longer drive or hold a current passport, this can become a major issue. Our article explains more.

How many Wills have you got? The Aretha Franklin court case

One of our favourite stories from 2023, on the complications and counter claims arising from the famous singer seemingly dying intestate (without making a will) and the subsequent discovery of not one but two Wills, one in a locked cabinet and one tucked behind cushions on her sofa…

Easier, simpler and more secure: new legislation for Lasting Power of Attorney (Updated Oct 2023)

Finally, a long-awaited digital update to the system, which currently requires the Office of the Public Guardian to process 19 million physical pieces of paper per year. Not implementation date yet, so if you need an LPA (and we think every adult needs one) do not wait - do it now.

In-person advice on estate planning

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