Protecting vulnerable family members

 22 July 2020
Protecting vulnerable family members

People who have children or close relatives who are deemed vulnerable and want to know the best way to provide for them, after their own demise.

It is vital that this event is planned for properly. If the planning falls short, this can cause lots of issues for those who you intended to benefit and at a time when funds could be most needed. 

What makes someone vulnerable?

  • Lacks capacity to deal with financial affairs
  • May be good with money but has their finances ‘means tested’ for benefit purposes.

These reasons mean it is not ideal to simply leave vulnerable people money in your Will. To get around this some families decide to leave money to a relative on the understanding that they will look after the disabled person.

But if the relative dies, gets divorced or has large debts, they may lose control of the money and the person it was intended for could lose out.

What’s the alternative?

For the majority of vulnerable people, setting up a Disabled Persons Trust can be the best way to protect the interests of a loved one, ensuring they can maintain their quality of life while protecting their means-tested benefits.

At Panthera Estate Planning we take the time to understand what will be best for your family to ensure you have the right solution.

Have a look at our Trust page to get an understanding of how trust can help.

Contact us to start the conversation.   


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During our initial discussion Panthera (Paul) fully explained the Will making process. We were made aware that our assets could be exposed to various risks such as Care Costs. Panthera (Paul) advised on how we could protect these assets by setting up Family Trusts. Having decided to go down this route Panthera (Paul) provided all the legal documentation in a timely manner despite having to work within the constraints of Covid-19 restrictions.

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