Need to apply for probate? Get in line!

 24 May 2020
Need to apply for probate? Get in line!

In the UK, the probate process is currently in disarray.

Although the probate fee hike has now been scrapped by the government, a rush of probate applications mixed with a drastic overhaul of the system itself, has led to waiting times sky rocketing from 6 - 8 weeks, all the way up to 13 - 14 weeks.

Many people are in the dark about the probate process because they have never been in contact with it before and so don’t understand exactly what it entails.

Executors are now facing challenges with debts accumulating because they have been forced to use any means available, to meet the six month deadline to pay any inheritance tax due - after being left unable to access the assets and/or sell the house to cover these costs, without the grant of probate.

If you need advice about what to do following someone’s death and how you can apply for a grant of probate, get in touch and we can guide you through what can be a complicated and time consuming process, easing any stresses you may be facing.

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