Marriage after Death

 16 September 2020

Do you know what could happen to your legacy if it all went to your partner and they go on to re-marry? 

I am sure you want your loved ones to be financially secure and are able to find happiness again in life after you have gone, even if this means they re-marry. 

But what happens if their new spouse inherits everything on their death? 

What if their new spouse has children from a previous marriage?

Are you sure YOUR children will inherit what you want them to? 

These are common concerns of many happily married couples and this short video covers the potential risks for your family if you do not plan properly. 


A simple solution of setting up a Trust on first death ensures that, should the surviving spouse remarry in the future, those assets cannot be taken into the second marriage and removes the threat of your own children being disinherited. 

The survivor is still able to use the assets in the Trust. Have a look at our Trust page to learn more about Trusts. 

This is a conversation that we have all the time when helping clients set up new wills. Contact us now to start your conversation. 


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I am happy in the knowledge that should anything untoward happen in the future, Panthera will resolve the problem.

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